Garden Fertilizing

Fertilizing your plants in the garden is optimal for their health. At CodyMobile Lawn and Garden Care we use a slow-release granular fertilizer for shrubs, and perennials twice annually. For trees, we use tree food stakes that are driven into the ground at the drip-line once annually. We do not recommend fertilizing trees, shrubs and perennials beyond September 1st, as it will encourage them to grow when they need to be preparing for dormancy. Fertilizing annuals is a little bit different. We use a liquid fertilizer that has equal potassium (plant sturdiness), phosphorus (plant roots), and nitrogen (new green growth). This can be applied weekly or bi-weekly. For baskets and pots with drainage, it can be applied 1-3 times weekly. Fertilizing this frequently will ensure that your plants are healthy, dense, and flowering continuously. We can also apply our liquid fertilizer to perennials a couple of times a year to give them a boost. 


Our CodyMobile Fertilizing Service includes the following;

  • Perennial fertilizing
  • Shrub fertilizing
  • Tree food stakes
  • Basket and Pots
  • One time service and anual plan



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