Hedge Trimming

At CodyMobile Lawn and Garden Care, we specialize in hedge care and maintenance. That is why we do it so well. The professional equipment, experience and artistic eye of our trained owner operators enable CodyMobile to keep your hedge strong, healthy and looking amazing. 


To have a healthy strong hedge it is important to keep it well maintained. Hedge maintenance is simple; all that is required is one trim per year, every year. The time of the year that your hedge is trimmed is not important as long as its above freezing; what is important is to trim your hedge at the same time of year, every year. 


Our CodyMobile Hedge Trimming Services include the following;

  • One time hedge clean-ups.
  • Regular hedge trimming maintenance packages.
  • Hedge sculpting
  • Hedge Beautification
  • Unique Hedge Designs.
  • No hedge to large or to small.


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