Mattress Cleaning

No Chemicals at all.... We use the revolutionary CodyMobile O3 Eco Cleaning Technology to ensure that your Mattress is safe and chemical free. 


Many people don't realize how important it is to have your mattress cleaned and Sanitized on a regular basis. It's a know fact that we spend at least a third of our lives lying in bed. While lying in bed we are exposed to a number of allergens that are deposited in our mattresses such as: Pollen, Dander, Dead Skin Cells, and most harmful of all Fecal Matter from Dust mites. 


By having CodyMobile Mattress Cleaners clean your mattress, we will remove these unwanted environmental byproducts. This in turn will help alleviate allergic reactions, and could also promote a better, more restful sleep. 


CodyMobile Mattress Cleaning Services include the following;

  • Removal of Spots and Stains due to bedwetting, vomit and sweat. 
  • The elimination odors caused by urine, pets, cigarette smoke, mold and mildew
  • The removal of dust mites and /or bedbugs
  • Allergy relief and reduction

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