Planting & Bedding

Our CodyMobile Planting Service includes; amending soil, layout and planting annuals, perennials, shrubs or trees, as well as watering recommendations. We encourage planing annuals in the first week of June, as there is a lower risk of plant loss due to frost. For convenience, we can purchase plants and soil amendments for our clients. 


A planting plan is not necessary for a bed installation, but we recommend it for larger area to give the client a visual. This will help prepare you for how your garden will look. We will create the new planting area by removing unwanted plants, light landscaping, adding soil amendments, rototilling, purchasing plants, and planting. This process can be a whole new installation of a garden, or replacing an old existing garden. 


Cody Mobile Planting & Bedding Services include the folllowing;

  • Amending soil.
  • New planting.
  • Watering plan.
  • Planting pan.
  • Bedding instalations. 
  • Rototilling
  • Adding new soil.


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