Tree & Shrub Care

At CodyMobile Lawn and Garden Care, we love our trees. Healthy trees make yards and neighbourhoods look beautiful!. They offer privacy screens and protect people from the sun during the summer months and from the cold wind in the winter. Trees and shrubs absorb harmful gases, provide habitat for birds and wildlife and protect soils from erosion. All in once, tress make life better for everyone, but they also must be properly managed and cared for to get the most benefits from them and don't let them become a danger. CodyMobile Lawn and Garden Care specializes in the whole range of tree and shrub care and maintenance.


Our CodyMobile Tree & Shrub Care Service includes the following;

  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree and shrub removal
  • Pest disease and control
  • Fertilizing
  • Tree protection plan
  • Cabling and bracing


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