Weeding & Edging

Weeding is important for all plant health. When you have weeds in your garden they rob your desirable plants of water and nutrients. If these weeds are left they will set seed, or spread via stolons or rhizomes and become invasive. It is important to control these weeks for aesthetics, and your plants health. Edging a garden makes it look manicured and keeps the lawn from creeping into the garden. Some clients may have a brick or formed concrete edge, which others may have plastic edging, or au natural. Deadheading annuals and perennials is an important practice to encourage plants to bloom continuously. At CodyMobile Lawn and Garden Care, we recommend doing this weekly to ensure optimal performance from annuals and perennials. Deadheading is a process by which you snip or pinch off the old, shriveling flower head before it goes to seed. If the seed head isn't snipped or pinched, the plant puts all of its energy into producing seed rather than producing more flowers. 


Our CodyMobile Weeding & Edging Services including;

  • One time gargen cleanups.
  • Regular scheduled weeding and edging.
  • Deadheading.
  • Turning over of flower beds.
  • Mulching



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